Vuelie Tour 2015 - memories for life

It is almost surreal to think about that only a couple of weeks ago Cantus was touring the US and Canada.

Now we are back home preparing for our next concert, this time in our hometown Trondheim. Still, we are not letting go of all the fantastic memories of the people we met on our tour. Thank you everyone!

Take a look at our blog for pictures from Vuelie Tour 2015: Cantus paa Tur

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What happens when traditional Sami music meets mainstream western sacred music?

Release of the brand new record SPES in march 2015!



This is the question Cantus meets head-on in SPES. Under the direction of its conductor Tove Ramlo-Ystad, and in collaboration with composer and musician Frode Fjellheim, the choir explores a new and little-known musical world, a world with a wide range of emotions: sorrow, joy and vulnerability. Through these songs, sounds and musical forms - some familiar, others scarcely known - Cantus challenges both itself and its audience with a repertoire which, while being striking in its variety, is united in one thing: its expression of hope in the music by Frode Fjellheim, Mia Makaroff Eriks Esenvalds, Eva Ugalde, Ko Matsushita, Knut Nystedt, Franz Xaver Biebl and Kim André Arnesen.

In 2013 Cantus was asked to sing Fjellheim's Vuelie as the musical opening to Disney's new animation film Frozen. This blend of Sami elements, whose roots go deep into an aboriginal people's culture, with music from the Mass and other church music that we are more familiar with has proved popular with audiences all over the world. In the spirit of hope, Cantus has recorded a revised edition of Vuelie for this album.

Cantus goes on tour to the USA and Canada in April, and music from SPES will be performed. Concerts will be held in Seattle, Appleton, Stoughton, Decorah, Minneapolis and Vancouver.

Instagram contest VuelieTour

Want to win a copy of our new CD, "SPES"?

Follow us on instagram, @cantusnorway, go to one of our concerts, post a picture from the concert on instagram and use the hashtag #VuelieTour2015. One picture from each concert location on the tour will go to the next round until a best picture is chosen. The winner of this contest will receive a copy of our new CD, "SPES".


Cantus is a female choir based in Trondheim Norway. It was established in 1986, and our conductor, Tove Ramlo-Ystad, has been the conductor since the beginning.



We are continuously working on new projects and events, and thrive on being busy. In addition to our own concerts and projects, we compete in international competitions, and perform at events. Cantus has won several prestigious competitions over the years. You can find our ongoing projects by visiting the Norwegian home page, or on our facebook page.


We invite you to browse our site to learn more about us!


Eatnemen Vuelie and Vuelie score

Cantus has, after the premiére of Disneys "Frozen" received multiple requests and questions regardig the availability of the score/sheet music for "Vuelie", from the soundtrack of the film. Therefore, we would like to offer some information regarding this in the following sections:

When the makers of "Frozen" came by a CD released by Cantus, "Norwegian Voices" from 2011, they immediately fell in love with the tone of the choir an the tune "Eatnemen Vuelie", which is a track on this record (The CD is available as download on Amazon and iTunes.) This was the inspiration for Disney when they chose to include the choir in the soundtrack of "Frozen". "Eatnemen Vuelie" was written for Cantus back in in 1996, originally for a Christmas record, and has for many years been a beloved piece of music of the choir and our audiences. It is the "joik" (2nd alto bit) that is the most distinctive element, and the composer paired it with a traditional Norwegian hymn that one might know in English as "Fairest Lord Jesus". However, the hymn itself did not correspond with the role this piece was meant to have in the film, so they asked if the composer would rewrite the melody for "Frozen". This rewrite resulted in the piece you can hear in the opening of the film, which goes by the name "Vuelie". Apart from the melody, if you compare the two pieces, there are only minor changes in the other parts, and some alterations to the rythmic notation.


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