No Grammy for Lindberg and SPES

Unfortunately, SPES and Morten Lindberg didn't win a Grammy this year. However, we're still so proud and honored that our little yellow album got nominated for such a prestigious award! To us that's a victory in itself :)

Now we're looking forward to spring and new events. Our main focus are the concerts in the beautiful Nidarosdomen in April. We may also have some other exciting projects going on, but for now we're keeping these to ourselves.. ;) Stay tuned!

Thanks for a wonderful year!

The last song has been sung, at least in a Cantus-context, and it will be good with a break over the holidays before 2016 hits and all that comes with it. The christmas concerts we had here in Trondheim became the perfect ending to an eventful year. 


Even though our main focus will be on future plans and challenges, we sometimes have to look back to what has been and learn from it. 2015 was, like most others, a busy year for us including both a US and Canadian tour as well as competing in Spain. In addition comes all of the concerts we've been doing in different parts of Trøndelag, like our own concert where we were joined by Henning Sommero and Frode Fjellheim just before the summer break, and the charity concert we contributed to in Rindal early this fall. 


We would like to thank all of the people and musicians that we've cooporated with during the year. And a very special thanks to everyone who listens to our music and comes to our concerts! Nothing makes us more happy than to see the message or emotions of the music hit home with our audience.


See you in 2016!

SPES nominated for GRAMMY Awards!

We are so excited to announce that SPES and producer Morten Lindberg/2L are Grammy-nominated in the category Surround Sound this year!


Sorrow, joy and vulnerability are just some of the emotions you will encounter as you listen to the album. Through a variety of sounds and musical forms - some familiar, others scarcely known - Cantus challenge themselves and their audience with a repertoire which, while being striking in its variety, is united in one theme: its expression of hope.

The producer of SPES, Morten Lindberg and his highly esteemed label 2L have been nominated for Grammys no less than twenty times. SPES is a musical project which combines the best of sound technique and vocal techniques.

“The collaboration with Cantus has been very interesting. The ensemble has performed at their best and deliver music on an extremely high level. SPES is definitely an album to look out for”  -Morten Lindberg.

“Emboldened, no doubt, by the phenomenal success of Disney’s Frozen (which featured Frode Fjellheim’s evocative Vuelie, a version of which concludes this disc), the composer and all-female choir Cantus reunite for this beguiling conflation of western sacred music and the traditional Sami songs of the Lapp of northern Scandinavia. [...] More, please!” - Michael Quinn, Choir & Organ, Sept-Oct 2015.

Cantus & Frode Fjellheim, conducted by Tove Ramlo-Ystad. Music by Frode Fjellheim, Mia Makaroff, Eriks Esenvalds, Eva Ugalde, Ko Matsushita, Knut Nystedt, Franz Xaver Biebl and Kim André Arnesen. Produced by Morten Lindberg and published by 2L.


Listen to the title track here


Vuelie Tour 2015 - memories for life

It is almost surreal to think about that only a couple of weeks ago Cantus was touring the US and Canada.

Now we are back home preparing for our next concert, this time in our hometown Trondheim. Still, we are not letting go of all the fantastic memories of the people we met on our tour. Thank you everyone!

Take a look at our blog for pictures from Vuelie Tour 2015: Cantus paa Tur

IMG 4092eeaaer


What happens when traditional Sami music meets mainstream western sacred music?

Release of the brand new record SPES in march 2015!



This is the question Cantus meets head-on in SPES. Under the direction of its conductor Tove Ramlo-Ystad, and in collaboration with composer and musician Frode Fjellheim, the choir explores a new and little-known musical world, a world with a wide range of emotions: sorrow, joy and vulnerability. Through these songs, sounds and musical forms - some familiar, others scarcely known - Cantus challenges both itself and its audience with a repertoire which, while being striking in its variety, is united in one thing: its expression of hope in the music by Frode Fjellheim, Mia Makaroff Eriks Esenvalds, Eva Ugalde, Ko Matsushita, Knut Nystedt, Franz Xaver Biebl and Kim André Arnesen.

In 2013 Cantus was asked to sing Fjellheim's Vuelie as the musical opening to Disney's new animation film Frozen. This blend of Sami elements, whose roots go deep into an aboriginal people's culture, with music from the Mass and other church music that we are more familiar with has proved popular with audiences all over the world. In the spirit of hope, Cantus has recorded a revised edition of Vuelie for this album.

Cantus goes on tour to the USA and Canada in April, and music from SPES will be performed. Concerts will be held in Seattle, Appleton, Stoughton, Decorah, Minneapolis and Vancouver.




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Kongens gate 5, 7011 Trondheim, Norway

Ta en pause fra julestria og ønsk julen velkommen med Cantus, når de inviterer til sin tradisjonsrike julekonsert i Vår Frues Kirke. Dirigent: Tove Ramlo-Ystad
Klaver: Bjørn Willadsen

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Cost: 300/200 NOK



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Kongens gate 5, 7011 Trondheim, Norway

Tradisjon tro inviterer Cantus til stemningsfull Luciamorgen i Vår Frue kirke. Sammen med 5. trinn på Tonstad skole og Espen Berg på piano, byr vi på adventsstemning og lussekatter denne tidlige desem...

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